How we structure your week with us depends on the pupils’ age and level of English, but essentially we offer a lot of choice! The Sample Programme, Menu of Activities and Day Trips Historical Timeline give details of what you may choose for your pupils to do during their week at the Sunny Hill Language School.  

You may choose three Day Packages of themed activities from our ‘pick ‘n mix’ programme, whereby the mornings are spent learning topical language, doing hands-on, kinaesthetic activities in English such as crafts, sport or cooking. After lunch, pupils go on an outing and do language activities whilst visiting local places of interest such as small towns, places of historical or cultural interest, museums, etc. In the evening, pupils will have the opportunity to play games, watch films and take part in social activities, where appropriate together with our boarders. Each part of the day is designed to provide an avenue for your pupils to interact with native speakers in an authentic setting and practise their spoken English skills. 
'It is an amazing opportunity to be given. You learn about another culture and you get to know new people.' - Mona, aged 14 

Cultural visits 

In addition to this, one of the four days is set aside for a trip further afield, where cultural visits are combined with language work in situ. Again, there is much to choose from depending on the historical period you decide to focus on for the day, ranging from Pre-Historic to Modern-Day Britain. 

Customise your trip 

The themes you choose dictate which activities we might do and can be adapted to suit different age groups, although some lend themselves better to a particular audience; we will be guided by your requirements and your aims for the week. 

Places of interest 

We are lucky to have many places of interest on our doorstep, which makes for a bespoke approach for each school group. Pupils will be able to partake in typical transactional activities such as shopping for souvenirs,ordering a cream tea, etc. as part of these activities. Every activity is designed with the aim of developing the pupils’ fluency whilst making them experience England at its most authentic. 
Awards Evening & Disco 

A pleasant end to an exciting week 

On the last evening of your stay, we will be awarding quintessentially English prizes to reward various aspects of your pupils’ progress whilst at the Sunny Hill Language School, such as the Best Pronunciation, Most Culturally Curious, Most Improved Speaker, Most Enthusiastic, etc. Our focus really is on each pupil’s individual progress! We hope you will be keen to come and experience English at the unique Sunny Hill Language School. 
'The main thing (and which I liked the most) about coming here was talking English. Talking to natives I think is the best way to learn English.'- Jenthe, aged 14 
Quiz night 
A traditional English cream tea 
Sending postcards home 
Morning vocabulary lesson 
Stage fighting workshop 
Fun times 
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